COVID-19: Government Support Resources

Federal Support

Employment Insurance

The Government of Canada is taking immediate, significant and decisive action to help Canadians facing hardship as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

If, as a sessional, you have taught 630+ hours over the last 52 weeks you are eligible for EI.*

One 3-credit studio course = 112 hours
One 3-credit academic course = 140 hours

To apply for EI, contact our Payroll department directly to request a Record of Employment (ROE). Turnaround time is pretty quick.

* It is possible to get approval for higher number of hours. There are occasions where people can report higher numbers that accurately reflect what was actually worked.

EI Application:


If you have stopped working because of COVID-19, the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) may provide you with temporary income support. The CERB provides $500 a week for up to 16 weeks.

CERB Application:

Provincial Support

BC is the only province so far to provide financial relief to renters. The Temporary Renter Supplement will pay up to $500 per month (for 4 months) directly to landlords on behalf of workers who qualify for the federal CERB.

Temporary Rental Supplement Program:

Other broad-based BC measures include free bus trips in Metro Vancouver via TransLink and the rest of BC Transit operations across the province.

Find the benefits relevant to you

Get information on what’s available to: those who have lost income; renters and homeowners; families; seniors; students; businesses; Canadians abroad. There’s also a personal finance section with information on tax and utility bill deferrals. This guide provides the basic benefit information you need to apply for subsidies.

This includes:

  • Who can apply
  • Date available
  • How to apply
  • Links or phone number to make a claim

If you have any questions or additional support resources, please leave a comment below or email