New FA Executive Team

Following the Annual General Meeting held remotely on April 19, 2021, the new Executive Committee and Members at Large roles have been assigned.

Co-Presidents – Rita Wong (Fall 2021), Justin Langlois/Diyan Achjadi (Spring 2022)

Co-Vice Presidents – Joe O’Brien and Lindsay McIntyre

Treasurer – Maria Lantin

Secretary – Sunny Nestler

Co-Chief Stewards – Rita Wong (Fall 2021), Ana Diab (Spring 2022)

Members at Large – Rubén Möller, Valérie D. Walker, Gilly Mah, Keith Langergraber, Magnolia Pauker

Jay White, Alex Has, Henry Tsang, Arni Haraldsson, Gina Adams have stepped down from the Executive team – many thanks and gratitude for your service.

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